By Toutatis! Warning !!! Obelix will land in Quebec!

Among the great exotic game in Canada, I will talk about wild boar in particular.

Who does not have in mind Obélix and his 2 boars under his arms, returning from the hunt by reveling in advance of his next meal?


The wild boar is an animal, at the wild base, that arrives in Quebec through the man at the time of Expo 67.
In Quebec, according to our research, we would have about 24 farms raising wild boar.

At birth, our cute baby boar is called boar. It is small, striped, with a brown-red coat that it will keep until about 4 months. The laie,
who is the mother, often becomes more aggressive as she protects her cubs.
It should be known that generally, these animals have a very protective instinct towards their offspring and can easily load if they feel them assaulted.
During his growth, his coat will change. Growing up, it becomes darker, going through the red to finally finish black.
 In adulthood the wild boar can weigh up to 500 lbs. The teeth of the males are very sharp, they have 4 canines that can measure up to 30 cm long.
Often, this animal feeds on tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, fruits and thus finds food in the soil with its snout (nose). It is said that he is an omnivore and burrower.
This animal that we know little, is close to the pork but resembles nothing in the flavor of its flesh, which is tasty and not very fat. It is therefore called health meat by its nutritional values ​​(* See the table below). The flesh of the boar is succulent and enchants gourmets with its delicacy. The dark red color of the meat appears around the age of 14 months of life of the animal. It can be prepared in various forms: in charcuterie (creton, sausage, pâté or terrine) or in main dishes (roasts, tournedos, stews, ribs, kebabs, candied meats, sausages or burgers).

Here are some recipes

L'Érablière du Sanglier.

At L'Érablière du Sanglier, Nathalie Kerbrat, the owner, welcomes you to her country-style estate.epices gourmandes

After taking cooking classes with renowned chefs from the Laurentians,
she develops her own range of products and her recipes with materials coming mainly from her farm.
She sells her products at her home but also at the St-Eustache, Oka and Mirabel markets during the summer season.
We strongly invite you to come to the maple grove to taste good dishes and products out of the ordinary, cooked for you with love.
You will also be able to discover the various animals of the farm, but you will have to telephone to make an appointment for a visit.
You will also have the opportunity to stroll in the paths of the maple grove and discover the beautiful owls that hide in the trees.
Good visit.


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