About Terroir et Découvertes

Why "Terroir et Découvertes"?

Hello, I introduce myself to you, my name is Caroline.

Today, on a beautiful December day, here is my little baby that is born. I am a person who has always worked in the food industry. But for 15 years, I have promoted local products. In France with Bourgogne snails and Truffle du Périgord but also in Quebec with maple alcoholic beverages and duck meat.

I watched, listened, exchanged ideas. But only one was constantly returning: why our local producers do not have more to show themselves? Our producers are passionate people who do not count their hours and are so generous. They spend a lot of time repeating the same thing about their products: How they make them, what they taste, etc. There is a great interest by the population for products from here. Why? As we know now, preservatives, additives and many other products added to products that we buy from multinationals are not good for our health. The population has recently become aware that what we eat can be more or less good for us and our bodies.

So one evening, a few years ago, this project was put on paper in front of a drink with a friend, Pascale Tremblay not to name it. We were on the terrace of a restaurant in Saint-Sauveur. Unfortunately many things in life make us understand whether this is the right time or not to carry out certain actions. Then I decided to focus on this issue and dedicate myself to 200% because after visits to producers, the reality struck me again. Years pass and the need for visibility of our local producers is still much more present. The latter are glued to their production in order to meet all possible requirements to provide a product in accordance with the rules of the art. What distinguishes our producers from manufacturers is that our producers are concerned about the taste of the product, the health of their consumers and want to remain as close as possible to nature. 

And here we begin an adventure with "Terroir et Découvertes" which I hope will seduce you. I want to offer you a directory of our local producers as complete as possible so that you know where to meet the producers who maybe are only at next door to you and I hope who will offer you wonderful products. You will find on our site contests, articles about products, corporate videos as well as recipes. But the main goal remains above all to be able to offer a showcase to our local producers.

Enjoy your visit on our site and facebook of "Terroir et Découvertes".

If you have ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to send it to us. This site is created for you, local producers and consumers of their products.



About Terroir et Découvertes

Terroir et Découvertes aims to promote local producers and to make their products better known to the general public.

About Terroir et Découvertes

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